5 Design Ideas for a Bathroom Makeover or Building a New One

You can tell a lot about a homeowner by how their bathroom looks. Whatever design you choose, whether you are building a new home or want a makeover for your old bathroom, it should reflect your personality. In a way, your bathroom becomes your personal space. A place where you can think and reflect about anything. A place of peace where you can just be yourself, no pretensions.

We all want a stunning bathroom, but thinking of a design might seem a cumbersome task. There are many things to consider in choosing a design.

  1. Consider the size of your bathroom. You cannot put a huge bath in a small room because it may take up too much space. There are also many materials you can use, from tiles to wood and stone. They can come together resulting in a unique design that suits your space best.
  2. Go for a charming and colourful bathroom by using different coloured ceramic tiles. You can combine bold colours to show how adventurous you are. You can also use colours that match and are pleasing to the eye when combined, like purple, blue and aqua.
  3. How about an elegant and luxurious bathroom for your first-class taste? You can go for rich wood tones and beautiful granite mosaics composed of glass and marble. Bright colours are not recommended if you want your bathroom to look like the ones that five-star hotels have. A combination of gold and silver tones would look really sophisticated.
  4. If you want something relaxing and tasteful, keep it simple. Neutral colours like chocolate brown or marble accents with cream-coloured porcelain tiles are relaxing to look at. Cream-coloured walls can also make your bathroom look spacious. You can also add bronze fixtures to emphasise the marble accents.
  5. There are also several bath types you can choose from. There is the clawfoot and pedestal types that give a vintage feel to your space. These types of baths were popular high society items in the late 19th century. A recessed bath is the one we are most familiar with nowadays, and it is widely used, often found with a shower over it. Then there is the luxurious whirlpool bath, often found in spas. It is also famously known as a jacuzzi. This type of bath has openings that stream water jets and air bubbles, which creates a pleasurable sensation. This is the best choice if you want to be totally relaxed while bathing.

It is best to consult an expert when it comes to designing your bathroom. They can help you choose from a wide variety of designs and ideas that will suit your space and personality. They can also provide assistance and advice regarding whether a whirlpool bath or a clawfoot bath would be most suitable for your bathroom.

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