5 things phentermine can do to your body

From the past many years, obesity has been one of the major concern among the overweight people. Consequently, they land up taking slimming drugs, which are harmful to their health. However, if you take prescribed drugs then the risk of damage to your health will be minimised. One such drug is Phentermine, which is beneficial for moderate to severely overweight people to lose body weight. Here, we have enlisted five things that Phentermine can do to your body. Besides, the basic framework for which the drugs work is by releasing norepinephrine in the brain.

Appetite suppressant

Phentermine stimulates the release of chemicals in the brain, which makes you feel full. This wonder drug acts on the Central Nervous system. It manipulates your mind to feel a different way. By releasing norepinephrine in the brain, and other transmitters like dopamine and epinephrine, it achieves the target of minimising hunger by reducing the cravings. Besides, it also releases catecholamine from the hypothalamus, which is another reason to a reduction in appetite. It increases the transmission of the nerve impulses and blocks the signal to your brain whenever you are hungry. This helps the individual to control their diet and consequently, eat less. Now, you can focus on eating just the healthy food like fibres, fruits or vegetables.

Less Absorption

After oral ingestion, the body readily absorbs phentermine. The drug has the capability on a small scale to reduce the absorption of starch and fat of the body. As a result, its metabolism doesn’t take place. Additionally, it lets the body use the reserved fat completely and prevents it from creating new reserves. Through an efficient metabolism, it helps to lose weight and keep the extra pounds away from you.

Energy Level of Body

Phentermine increases the energy levels of the body. As it stimulates the flight-or-fight response, it increases the level of adrenaline. Adrenaline gives you the energy to deal with any situation, which requires physical work.

Body Activities

Phentermine increase your activity level and physical exercise. The increase in body movements assists to increase the glucose level and fatty acid. It helps in breaking down fat effectively leading to more energy in the body cells. This increases the supply of oxygen to lungs and blood to muscles.

Side-effects to body

A few side-effects are common to your body as it adjusts to a foreign medicine. However, if the size-effects persist for a longer time, you must consult your doctor. Some of the effects include Constipation, Diarrhea, Insomnia, changes in mood, Pain in stomach, tiredness, hallucinations, panic state, nausea or depression. It is vital to consult your doctor on a regular basis to keep track of the drug on your body. If phentermine is used appropriately and in a required amount, it will prove beneficial to your body.

Then drug is safe to consume under a proper prescription. Although, depending on person’s body conditions, she may experience certain side-effects too. The drug must be accompanied by a proper diet and exercise. Also, overdose or under dose should be strictly avoided.