Impulse Sealer Repair – Replacing the Heating Element

As with every other machine, impulse sealers require maintenance from time to time. Although they appear to want less maintenance than most, the most typical factor that will have to be done would be to switch the heating unit so that you can still get nice crisp seals in your poly bags.

When in the event you switch the heating unit? Typically you will have a feel for a way your bags ought to be sealing and you will just have some understanding is not working in addition to it ought to. The baggage might be burning through rather of having a great seal. Or you will ‘t be obtaining a seal whatsoever. They are both very good signs it is time to exchange heat element.

You’ve two options. You are able to send to the placed you got it from and also have them change it for you personally. This will cost around $20 as a whole shipping to have it there and back, plus $25 or even more in labor combined with the $20 to $40 dollars in parts for the way big your sealer is.

Another choice is to replace it all yourself and lucky for you personally this can be a rather easy process. The very first factor you’ll need is really a heating unit package. It’ll contain teflon tape, along with a heating wire with eyelets attached at both sides. After you have that, follow these easy steps:

1. There’s two metal plates holding that old teflon tape in position. Each plate may have two screws inside it. Completely unscrew and take away among the plates. Release another plate enough to get rid of that old teflon tape.

2. Since the tape is taken away, you will have to take away the screw that’s holding the far finish from the heating unit in position. After taking out the screw, simply lift the wire off its tensioning device.

3. Put the new wire within the tensioning device first after which screw lower another finish tight, try not to exaggerate it.

4. Go ahead and take new teflon tape, slide one finish underneath the plate that you simply loosened, fold the tape within the sealer, press lower a little therefore it will stick, and screw back around the plate you removed to carry lower another finish from the teflon tape.

5. Now switch on your impulse sealer, seal it lower once to check it out.

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