What is clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is a steroid used for breathing disorders both in humans and animals especially horses. It is mostly used as decongestant and bronchodilator, specifically in the case of asthmatic patients who difficulties in breathing.

People use clen for faster results in weight loss and is usually used in the cutting phase of the the cycle along with other supplements which are employed for sculpting their bodies.

It is also performance enhancer, so athletes too have taken to clen, especially during competitions as they want peak and attain glory. Here the number of athletes who have been caught using clen are plenty. Many of them were fine and dandy if caught for a second or third time they were stripped of medals and even banned for life. But as the irony continues professional sportsmen continue use it and try hard not to get caught. It is a vicious cycle where some get caught some don’t but others are still at it.

Clenbuterol Stacks – A Brief Knowhow

Certain steroids perform certain functions such as burn fat, some increase muscle mass, some sustain it from break down etc. Supplements are also taken for a reason they help the body to avoid some of the bad effects some of the steroids may cause, hence protecting the body. Stacking together with Dianabol is always a good idea.

Many of the supplements can be mixed and matched accordingly to the body tolerance and acceptance levels of the individual consuming it. These are highly risky drugs and not found over the counter. They have to be medically prescribed and ideal dosages have to be kept in mind during the stack combination. It is also advisable that if a sudden reaction to the drug is noticed it is better to consult the doctor immediately and stop the intake of the drug also.

The dosages of each supplement have to be made monitored and the cycles in which they have to taken with the time frame also to be kept in mind. Proper food intake, good exercise regimen and lots of rest will ensure that you not bear the brutal brunt of the side effects these drugs usually cause. Lots of fluids intake will keep the body hydrated and toxin flushed out.

The most important thumb rule that had to be kept in mind that clen stacks should never be combined with other stacks as they pose for major health concerns and have a very negative impact on the body. It is a highly potent drug and the doctor’s prescription and and advice in stacking it will help in taking the right dosages with the least damage to the body. Clen stacks are to be a stand alone.

Clen stacks are most importantly used for effective weight loss and by stacking it will ensure faster and efficient way of achieving the desired goal and better body. If overdosed there would be serious repercussions where as minimum dosage will have no substantial results. Hence a effective dosage with the help of a professional will let you in on how it would work for your body best of interests.